Jazz Alyxzander

Project Engineer

IoT Hacker

Herder of Cats



I'm on a mission, one where the objective is evolving and the parameters are not defined, but it involves forging artifacts, a whole bunch of learning, and seeing as many puppies as possible.

When given the chance much of my spare time goes into various side-projects, usually involving some combination of lighting, alternative networking, automation, and whimsy. I'm always interested in hearing what everyone is working on, so feel free to reach out if you have some ideas, or just want to say "Hi".

Cambie St. Light Party

Adding color and fun where there wasn't none
A small interactive light project in Vancouver
Comming Soon


Designing robust software architectures for medical ultrasound imaging products.


A modern encrypted Voip+Text application, designed and implemented for OpenWhisperSystems.